full-service media production company

Bacon Factory Films is a full-service media production company with the capability to develop and create content ranging from broadcast and online, to governmental and commercial corporate content. The company prides itself on valuing people and stories, encouraging an environment that welcomes people and allows maximum creativity. Honesty and integrity in every step of the film-making process reflects its professionalism in the industry and the content it creates.

Indigenous content is at the heart of the company, as it strives to share new, challenging and proudly Indigenous stories. An understanding of and respect for Aboriginal culture means relationships are built, trust is secured and subjects feel comfortable in the knowledge their story will be told to its full potential.

We are a small, but highly skilled team, who can deliver you an “all-in-one” package: researching, scriptwriting, producing, filming, editing and post-production.

Bacon Factory Films are passionate about giving a voice to people and communities from all across the world in that factual content creation. We have created everything from Feature Length Documentary to short form Interstitial Documentary for SBS/NITV.
Bacon Factory Films has traveled the world creating content for the Australian and Queensland Governments – working directly as part of campaigns or stand-alone projects.
One of our passions is creating fun and education content for kids. Having worked on several kids’ TV series in recent years, as well as segments for Sesame Street, we love to think of new and creative ideas for our younger generation. Our kids are our future and a fantastic audience for exciting new content.
We love the short film format, and the opportunity to tell stories in a different context to documentary or corporate. Our most successful short film, “Welcome to Country”, was a finalist in the Flickerfest “Best Australian Short Film” category in 2017. We embrace any opportunity to use this genre to get a story across – whether it’s using humour, emotions, irony or drama.